Friday, January 18, 2008

Yesterday's -ality

To most conservative minded individuals, the pictures below might be astonishing. To some, they are remarkable. I fit somewhere in the middle. It's my face on the body of each member of the company I work for, and it's also me in the pink hearted top moving toward Tony for a kiss. First of all, I'm not gay and I'm not a cross-dresser on the weekends. I'm also not one to put my face on other people's bodies.

The office photo:
The reality of it is that I took the pictures of the company at our end-of-the-year party to document who I worked with, the status of the company, the people I've come to love and appreciate. Upon loading the pictures, I sent them around the office via email with the message, "Hi!
Here are a couple of the pics we took at the party on Saturday. It's a smaller group than last year, but still a good one. I didn't adjust any of the colors yet either.
Thanks for an awesome 2007!
Happy New Year!

What I got back was absolutely mind-blowing! One of my coworkers sent me an email entitled "how about this?" and when I opened it, "i tried to clean up the office photo a little for you, looks great!" The picture below is what it was—my face on everyone elses. Thus, I didn't do it and had no control over it. It was a company joke that even the CEO seemed to be speechless about. The reality of it was high-larious!

Drag photo:
I did have control over this photo and in fact there have been no edits to it. It was our annual drag dress-up for our final game of the season, a tradition that has been with the Art Academy Stinks for longer than I've been here (I'm in my 4th year). In truth, it's a game to look forward to and be excited about because it's the one time a year that you (I) can be as feminine as I want to without crossing the boundary of making it a lifestyle or closet event. It's all in fun, all about the creative genius of intimidating the opposing team. It always seems to work, but more than that we just like to dress up as girls and let the girls dress up like us. The reality is that it was fun and when I get into character, lookout! My lips may be redder than normal, my shirt tight and not flat-chested, my skirt high, but underneath it all, I'm just a guy who likes to have fun and see others having fun, even if it means I have to look like a fool.

By the way, we won, again, 6-2 and it was a sweet victory. We finished the season on top, above 500. Go Stinks!!


Haz said...

You have some distrubing images on your blog.

JMiah said...

they are quite disturbing, but thought provoking and intense! But, you're in the pic too, Haz.

Haz said...

I am not in the picture!

JMiah said...

yes, you have a pink shirt on and you look cold, uhem. cutting glass. you've turned your head. No hiding from this one.