Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reconnecting: A Reflection

This is the title of my Senior Thesis Exhibition. It will be held April 14–18th, 2008. Also participating with equally as awesome work are: Jahaziel (Haz) Minor, his wife Jessica Minor, Kris Cummings, and Mi-Hee Nahm. All 5 of us will graduate in May.

Show statement:
Thoughtful reflection informs the multiple subject matters of Kris Cummings, Jeremiah Good, Jahaziel Minor, Jessica Minor, and Mi-Hee Nahm. Fusing past with present through subjects ranging from mother-daughter relationships, communication, technology, heritage, the academic tradition, and identity, Reconnecting: A Reflection embodies self-study and investigation. A wide range of both traditional and contemporary materials will be presented in the Convergys, Ruthe G. Pearlman, and Chidlaw galleries.

A closing reception will be held on Friday, April 18th from 5–9p at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. All are welcome to celebrate the culmination of 4 awesome years for five seniors!

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