Saturday, March 29, 2008

When walking becomes crawling and crunching and cramming -ality

So I'm in the middle of my thesis and I think, "wow. I'm this far, but I still have so far to go!"

I've etched 7 mirrors and still have 15 to go. 18 total will line the gallery when I'm finished and it will be amazing! But it's tedious work, very intense as I scratch out each letter from the template onto the mirror. I have approximately less than 2 weeks to get everything in shape for the final show.

Ahhhh! Yep, no senioritus here. Just work, work, work! Etch, etch, etch! The day does progress quickly when I etch yet not fast enough—or in my case, not slow enough. The rubber meets the road and I'm thinking I'll need a tune-up when it's all over with.

Yet, I did have the awesome privilege of installing my first 3 mirrors in a gallery on Main Street for the Final Friday gallery hop. The gallery is c4yourself Gallery, 1339 Main St. I'm sooooo glad I did this because there were so many flaws in the mirrors! Once they're etched, then I must go in with a light and make sure that only the lines of each letter are emitting light. Otherwise there's other dirt and light spots that distract the viewer from contemplating the question the way I want them to. I received a ton of great feedback on what people liked and disliked about them. Everyone who saw them (150+ people came through the gallery) had awesome comments both to the questions and about the setup as a whole. People had the understanding that these were only prototypes to the final pieces that will show April 14th–18th at the Art Academy. There are detail shots of some of the text in the mirrors, but they don't compare to how it is in person.

I've also posted the showcard for the exhibition below.

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